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Hearing from Readers

Since starting my own website (, I get requests every week from individuals all across America and all over the world asking permission to use “The Journey” in their newsletters and on their websites. Most are from animal shelters, humane societies and rescue leagues, but some are simply grieving pet owners who want to print “The Journey” as a special tribute to their pet. A large number forward “The Journey”’ to friends who have lost a pet. Others tell me of vets who have “The Journey” framed on their walls. Many letters I receive are simply from pet owners thanking me for my words. (In fact, these posters came about because of the many requests for “The Journey” in nice, printed form -- to have as a keepsake or give as a gift.)

There is no fee for using “The Journey” on websites or in newsletters such as those mentioned above* -- there never has been, and never will, as I see charging for it as somehow tarnishing the legacy that Katie and Pippin gave me. For I have no doubt that they inspired this essay; there was a reason that these words flowed so freely and have since touched so many. “The Journey” has journeyed around the world and touched thousands of lives. It will live on as long as we continue to love and cherish the company of our animal companions, and through “The Journey” the joy of my two beloved pets lives on as well.

                             -- Crystal Ward Kent

* There is no fee for use in newsletters or on websites, but permission must be granted. Full credit including name, website information, and copyright information must be included in all usages.

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